Equal Pay & Women's Rights

The United States is the only developed nation in the world without mandatory paid family leave. I believe paid family leave polices benefits our society as a whole. In Congress, I will fight to expand these policies for all Kentuckians, because people deserve time off to care for newborn children or sick loved ones. Most importantly, every woman has the right to make her own healthcare decisions. The federal government has no say in a woman’s healthcare decisions. Family planning options, including contraception, should be accessible and affordable to all women, regardless of income or insurance. Politicians and special interest groups have no business being involved in the private medical choices made between a woman and her healthcare professional. Women should receive equal pay for equal work, let alone equal pay for work of equal value. This disparity not only affects women’s spending power, it penalizes their retirement security by creating gaps in Social Security and pensions. I strongly support the Equal Pay Act of 1963 signed by President John F. Kennedy.

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