Daniel's Biography

Daniel Kemph was born on October 26, 1965 in Anaheim in sunny Southern California. Daniel’s father, Lloyd, was a grocery store produce manager and his mother, Karen, was a church secretary. The middle child of three brothers, Daniel had a childhood filled with laughter, love and nose-to-the-grindstone hard work. The greatest gift his father ever gave Daniel was the belief in himself that with enough perseverance he could always work through anything.

Daniel graduated Melodyland Christian High School in 1984 and attended Santa Ana College the following semester. Later, in 1985, he subsequently enrolled and attended classes at California State University, Fullerton. While in school Daniel started working in mortgage banking. With demands and culture of the banking world he made the decision to temporarily leave school and practice banking full-time. The idea of helping people get into their new homes opened up a world of possibilities to him. Eventually the “temporary” of leaving school became longer than Daniel expected.

Then, over the course of several years of intensive immersion into banking practices Daniel began consulting on large projects under the auspice that if he can help one family find a new home, he could help hundreds of families find new homes with the same amount of work.

Eventually recognized for his knowledge and experience, a burgeoning software company recruited Daniel in 1998 to help develop their banking products. Sensing an opportunity to master two distinct disciplines Daniel embraced the company’s policies and culture of disciplined processes.

Today, that software package Daniel helped develop is used by the sixty largest banks in the world. Beginning in 2003 Daniel was able to parlay that knowledge of processes and the software platform into a career as a project consultant. Because much of this work is technology based and because his knowledge and experience are valued, he is able to work from home for many of his projects. It was this ‘remote’ work benefit that in 2012 Daniel discovered the beauty of Kentucky. Daniel has the choice of where to live, he only needs to be in the Eastern Time zone and near an airport. Once he found the bluegrass, he knew he had found home. There is no other place like it for Daniel.

Daniel Kemph resides in Pickway Corners, Lexington, Kentucky.